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Aggressive interactions also take place with characteristic displays. When a male approaches another male’s mate, particularly if the female is receptive, the female’s mate may crouch and shift the position of its wings. This behavior conveys aggression.

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He extolled virtues like carpe diem, the Latin motto for “seize the day.” Hid dad also offered a template for what he didn’t want to be. As kids, Hammel and his brother were sports obsessed. Hammel idolized Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, a Pittsburgh native.

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Where: Pt. Reyes pastoral zone. When: anytime. The manifesto on 555′s Bandcamp page attempts to best describe Farstad’s efforts as “Exploring the tension between new age escapism and kinetic momentum, wielding psychic armor of pure laughter to disarm power and usher in new stories.” Assuming anyone can figure out what that means. Sonically Solar Express hints at this idea without really giving anything away. 555 represents cycles of daily life but provides an open space for the mind to wander.

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“David was an incredible man, an amazing brother, a perfect son and an inspiring friend to everyone who was fortunate enough to have him in their lives,” the statement said. “Everyone who ever met David knows that his smile and his presence changed every person that was lucky enough to feel his warmth and light. He was kind, open, non judgmental and excited about life and people.”.