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O Connor was a devoted wife, homemaker, and mother. She enjoyed painting and sewing and was employed at Fabric Farms for many years. She was an active member of St. He had toughness.”Eric number 38 jersey is retired, only his brothers are allowed to wear it.Michael did so his senior season when he racked up more than 1,100 yards rushing. Daniel dawned number 38 for the first time as a sophomore, which is something he regrets.”I felt like I should have proven myself as a player, and as a running back, before I went ahead and took the step of wearing that number,” Daniel said.”I think overall that made me work harder, and show that if I was going to wear that number, I was going to have to wear it with pride and to the best of my ability.”Above all else, what really drives Larry and Kelly Weiman, and their three sons, is family and faith, and the number 38 and the star athlete and person that wore it.”Eric is always going to be with us,” Michael indicated.”That why we got the number on reminding us that listen, we doing this and going on with our life, but that number 38, he going to be with us no matter what we doing.”According to Larry Weiman, “We proud of the number, we proud of how (Eric) approached life, and we try and instill that with these three guys. It a hard job but we very proud as parents of where we at.”.

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He going to play 50 snaps. We see. We didn bring him in here to not participate.”. How would we know right if there were no wrong? Certainly, we have all been wrong at some point in our lives. If only we could let the peaceful pray in peace. There is a vast majority of peacefull muslims in this country.

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